86 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

An acceptance here is the gold standard of American Educations. Gets periodic slings and arrows for not paying enough attention to undergraduate, some of which is carping from people who didn’t get in. It takes moxie to keep your self-image under control in the midst of all those geniuses, but most Harvard students can do it.

Harvard’s state-of-the-art physical facilities are surpassed only by the unparalleled brilliance of its faculty. Under its “star” system, Harvard grants tenure only to scholars who have already made it-usually somewhere else-and then gives them free rein to research it. It seems like every time you turn around, a Harvard professor is winning a Nobel Prize or being interviewed on CNN or moving to Washington to hash out rational policy.

Website : www..college.harvard.edu
Location : City Center
Total Enrollment : 19.618
Undergraduate : 6.699
Male/ Female : 52/ 48
SAT Ranges : ERW 730-390
M 730-800
ACT Ranges : 32-35
Financial Aid : 67%
Pell Grant : 15%
Expense : Pr $$$
Student Loans : 20%
Average Debt : $
Applicants : 39.506
Accepted : 5%
Enrolled : 83%
Grad in 6 years : 96%
Returning Freshmen : 97 %

Strong Programs :
Computer Science
Applied Mathematics
Biological Sciences
East Asian Sciences
African and African American Studies